«Agroremmash» was registered as Agricultural Engineering company in November 20, 1998.

At that time, due to the active participation of leading specialists of the enterprise it appeared the first experimental batch of tillage disk aggregates with operating widths of 2.3 m. There was not the same type of aggregates in Ukraine. They were used for the soil tillage to a depth of 8 – 20 cm and soil loosening by to-and-fro moving method without dead-furrows. Working bodies perform rotational motion and the force of soil friction on the disk is minimal, and as a result it provides the high efficiency and a much lesser energy-output ratio during the operating process and fuel saving in comparison with share plows.

In 2002 engineers have designed a disk plough-harrows LGN-1.7; LGN 2,4.

In 2003 the company decided to stop the production of aggregates AGD-2.3 and started the serial production of more modern aggregates AGD-2.5. Due to the constructive solutions they have the advantages in comparison with AGD 2,3, as followings:

  • The ability to adjust the angle of attack depending on the soil hardness and moisture;
  • When unitized with the power unit, the load on the tractor suspension is much less;
  • Having larger width it has much lesser weight of the aggregate.
  • In the same year it was also produced the aggregates AGD-1.3; AGD-1.8; AGD-3.5.

In 2004 there were developed and manufactured the first examples:

  • Oil presses, presses for agricultural raw material that contains oil;
  • Elevator type potato planter.

In 2005, it was significantly expanded the range of tillage equipment.
There were issued aggregates AGD-2.1; AGD-2.8; AGD-2,8L; AGD-3.5L; AGD-4.5.
The disk plough-harrows LGN-1.7; LGN 2,4 output was stopped. Instead of them, there was launched the production of modern aggregates AGD-1.8L; AGD-2.5L.
In 2006, the plant engineers have developed a new design of rack construction of working body, thereby it was significantly increased the firmness of the bearing assembly of the aggregates.
On the exhibition AGRO-2006 the company performed a new agricultural machinery:

  • Residues chopper PR 2.6;
  • Inter-row crop operating cultivator KPU-3.4;
  • Wide-coverage aggregate AGD-5.6.
  • In January 2007, the company launched a work-shop on output of working bodies for agricultural machinery, including the disks of the “Daisy” type.

LLC “Agroremmash-BC” continued expanding the range of products. On the exhibition AGRO – 2007, the company introduced new machinery:

  • The aggregate AGD-1,8H, designed to cultivate the soil in the row spacings of hops;
  • The aggregate AGD-2,5R “Orataniya”;
  • The aggregate AGD-3,5, designed for secondary tillage.

In 2008, the company manufactured the first trial cultivators KPU-1.9; KPU-3.4; KPU-4.8; KPU-6.1; Subsurface cultivator PN-2.5.
It has begun the reconstruction works of administrative building with the area of 271.5 sq.m., as well as auxiliary production work-shops with the area of 175.3 sq.m., and core operating units with the area of 540.9 sq.m. It was planned the assembling of a loading ramp for the finished products shipment.

On the exhibition Agro-2009, the company performed a new disk tillage aggregate AGD-3.5V, designed for simultaneous refinement and trash burial of residues into the soil.
At the moment, the company has received an order for production of horse carts VK-2U, it has been prepared the technical documentation for manufacturing the chisel tillage aggregates AGH-4.0, vegetable harvesters KN-1.

LLC “Agroremmash-BC” has 53 dealerships in Ukraine, and 11 out of which are given the right on service center status to. We provide the warranty and service system of our products.