1. Disk tillage aggregates.

Aggregates of AGD series are used for subsurface tillage to a depth of 8-18 cm by to-and-fro moving method with simultaneous soil clots loosening, soil surface smoothing and its compacting.
The aggregates work as follows: while moving across the field, disk performs rotational motion, force of soil friction on the disk is minimal, so it provides much lesser energy-output ratio during the operating process, the high efficiency and as a result the fuel saving in comparison with share plows.
Upon contact with a cleaning device the soil equably goes down from the concave side of the disk, providing a flat surface on the tilled field and crop residues are incorporated into the soil. The availability of two rows of disks provides the intensive soil breakage. Track rollers, the position of which is adjusted by means of screw devices, provide the required depth of tillage and soil clots loosening in the upper soil layer.
Also, the aggregate design provides the possibility to change the approach angle depending on the soil type and moisture. Disks are produced with an inner sharpening that makes the operation to be very efficient during the processing over cloggy, heavy soil and humus as well, reduces the pulling power and increases the directional stability of the aggregate. The indentions in the disks combined with the inner bevel provide better soil breakage and release from the accumulated crop residues in advance of the disk.
At the customer’s option, the aggregates are additionally completed with tooth harrow or landside plate that gives an opportunity to smooth the soil surface. Furthermore, there is a possibility of completing with the rollers made of angle plate, tubular, flat, depending on the soil type, and also with rakes or other types of rollers.

2. Chisel tillage aggregates

The aggregates of AGH are designed for tilling compacted soil of different aggregate-size distribution to a depth of 45 cm in order to break the soil compactings without soil layer overturning to improve the water-air regime of rout-feeding soil layer that prevents the development of soil erosion and promotes the accumulation of moisture and increases crop yields.
The aggregates of AHS series are designed for chisel tillage row spacings of horticultural crops with granular fertilizers application.

3. Row tiller

The aggregates of AGF series are designed for the soil dispersion, mixing its layers, soil smoothing and also mixing previously made fertilizers applicaton with the soil.

4. Ridge former aggregate.

The aggregates of AGU series are designed for deep loosening of soil, hilling-up potatoes seedlings by the ridges with compacted side edgings formation, ridge formation for the next crop of vegetables, strawberry planting and etc.

5. Hill-former aggregates.

The aggregates of APD series are designed for the soil loosening in the row spacings of sugar beet, sunflower, corn, potatoes and other crops with it snuggling from inter-row against the bottoms of plants. Hilling provides the successfull control weeds and keeps the soil loosened and wet, that essentially improves plant growth and development.

6. Tooth harrows.

The harrows of BZT series and harrow couplings of SBZ series are designed for soil dispersion, field surface smoothing, drawk sprouts extermination and surface cap destruction, increased rate harrowing of cereals seedlings of industrial crops. Harrowing can be underway in the Spring over the processed before soil surface or
in the Autumn after the plowing.

7. Choppers.

The rotary choppers of PR series are designed for chopping and even spreading of plant residues of corn stalks, sunflower sprouts, cabbage stalks over the surface.
The choppers of AGP series are designed for chopping crop residues of corn, sunflower, rapeseed, vegetables, etc.

8. Cultivators.

The hiller hoes of KPU series are designed for seeds post-emergence treatment of sugar beet, sunflower, corn, potatoes and other crops with row-width spacings of 45 to 70 cm. Depending on the set of implements and devices it performs the following operations:
– Weed paring and loosening the soil between the rows with multi-operated A-blades and weeding blades;
– Crop rows hilling with hilling blades.
The cultivators of KSO and KSON series are designed for the soil preparation before crops sowing and handling of fallow fields. Can be operated in all climatic zones of Ukraine with the soils of different aggregate-size distribution with hardness of up to 1.6MPa and moisture of 8-30%.
Allowed to work on the slopes of 8 °.
The cultivators of KPV series are designed for intensive soil surface loosening for moisture conservancy, smoothing the surface soil layer and weed destruction in field seedbeds.

9. Mounted-type ploughs.

The ploughs of PN and PON series are designed for the soil tillage for grain and industrial crops in different types of soils to a depth of 30 cm, which are not blocked with stones, fieldstone or other obstacles, with a unit draft of up to 0.09MPa and with hardness of up to 4.0MPa.
The ploughs can be operated in all soil-climatic zones.

10. Mounted-type potato planters.

Mounted potato planters of KSN and KSND series are designed for row-crop planting of non-chitted seed potatoes with a 30 cm distance between potato tubers and row spacing distance of 60 … 70 cm, with side dressing.

11. Mounted-type vegetable harvester.

The vegetable harvesters of KN series are designed for digging up vegetables (potatoes, onions, beetroot, etc.) with their partial cleaning from mud and storing them on the surface of the field.

12. Mounted-type seeders.

Grain seeders of SZN series are designed for grain crops sowing (wheat, barley, etc.) with mineral fertilizer application at the same time.
Corn planters of SKN series are designed for corn sowing with mineral fertilizer application at the same time.

13. Multi-operated snow plough plate.

Multi-operated snow plough plates of VSU series are designed for cleaning the pavement from snow and shifting bulk materials: sand, manure, fine gravel.

14. Horse carts.

The carts of VK series are designed to transport agricultural products, building materials and other goods transportation of up to 2 cubic meters capacity.
At customer’s option the carts can be completed with a one-horse shaft, and easy-to-install drawbar hitch to the tractor as well.
The chaise-carts of FO series are designed for wedding, excursion and country trips.

15. Mounted-type sprayer.

The sprayers of OPN series are designed for qualitative and rapid processing of middle-sized and small-sized territories. This type of sprayers is ideal for processing areas with wavy surfaces.

16. Mobile hoof trimming chute.

Mobile hoof trimming chutes of SOM series are designed for cattle fixation and providing hoof trimming process, treatment and other types of hoof veterinary directly within the animal husbandry stock. The chutes are equipped with a thoracic limbs fixation tool. It is provided the rigid fixation of hoof areas and the tool for cattle hanging with the flexible belts via a worm gear.
This device has been designed in reliance on state-of-the-art technology for a comfortable and safe work and its design makes provision for the numerous feedbacks of many experts in the field of veterinary medicine and animal science.