Rink ring-shporovy KKSH-1,6


Даний коток використовується для передпосівного і післяпосівного прикочування грунту, а також розпушення верхнього шару і ущільнення підповерхневого шару грунту.


This roller ring-shporovy KKSH – 1.6 is used before and after sowing soil compacting and loosening the top layer and compaction of subsurface soil at cultivation of grain and vegetable crops, sugar beet, canola, and other crops, the destruction of the crust, large soil clods and a partial alignment of the plowed field.

Rink ring-shporovy designed to work with tractors MTZ-320, DTZ.

Figure 1 shows a ring-Rink shporovy which consists of a frame 1 on which are mounted two rollers front 2 and rear 3, which are fastened to the frame 4 by means of bearings.