Our company offers a warranty and post-warranty service system of manufactured products.
Our technique is fully consistent with the drawings, specifications and state standards.
The company performs the implementations of spare parts and finished outputs. At the customer’s option, the company provides the instructions for the customer’s professional staff members on our products, rules of operation, storing and reparation. It is provided the tutorials on the effective use of machinery.
The guarantee period starts with the day of setting aggregate into operation, but not later than 2 months after the date of receipt by the consumer.

It is made the Certificate of inspection report based upon the results of technical expertise and it is made the decision on the following:

  • Mechanical material maintenance;
  • Unit replacement;
  • Rejection of unit replacement.

We are always ready to provide you with the technical support. Our representative will always answer all your questions regarding the configuration of the aggregate.

All spare parts for our equipment, you can always purchase in our company, or our distributors.
The delivery of spare parts within Ukraine is performed by transport companies (warehouse-to warehouse delivery).
Delivered cargo is stored in the delivery service office in the city of arrival, the recipient can pick it up at any time.

More detailed information on the terms and costs of delivery to other cities in Ukraine you can see on the websites of delivery services.

After cargo dispatching we inform you the number of the declaration and the date of arrival. The delivery within Ukraine is performed with commercial trucking companies on a paying basis, it is carried out a 100 % advanced payment upon company’s bank account. All the dispatches are paid by the customer as received.

Transport companies we work with:


  • Autolux
  • Nochnoj ekspress
  • Gunsel
  • Euroexpress
  • Novaya Pochta
  • SAT
  • Intime
  • Delivery

LLC “Agroremmash-BC” has 53 dealerships in Ukraine, and 11 out of which are given the right on service center status to:

  1. Ltd. “Ukravtozapchast” – Kiev
  2. “Tekhnotorg” – Nikolaev
  3. Ltd “Promarmatura” f-I “Agrotehservis” – Partisanskoe , Dnipropetrovsk region.
  4. Ltd “Galnaftohim” – Lviv
  5. Ltd. “Ajax” – Verkhnedneprovsk
  6. PE “Agrotechcentre” – Dnepropetrovsk

Service centers representatives are always ready to help you.

We invite professional trading companies, agricultural companies or related parties to a mutually beneficial cooperation!